From Onboarding to Order Fulfilment, We've got you covered!

Here are some of the most commonly used workflows on our platform.

Employee Onboarding

Manage the onboarding by making sure everything the employee needs is arranged by just a few clicks. Create your own onboarding process to conduct the induction and orientation of a new employee according to your company policy. 

Claims Management

Purchase requests to company expenses, everything can be overlooked on CleverFlow. Invoices and Bills can be uploaded and verified in an instant.

IT Ticketing

Create and manage service requests for assistance by the IT department without having to make multiple phone calls and explain the issue.

Performa Invoicing

Issue invoices directly from a process using our PDF generation feature. Just upload the company template and you’ll have your invoice at the click of a button.

Human Resources Management

Hiring a new Employee? Or maybe taking a holiday? Issue requests with your HR department and make approvals and evaluations seamless.

Order Fulfilment

The logistics and progress of any type of order can be tracked using CleverFlow. The GPS Check-in feature helps in determining where the product has reached.

Project Management

Got something new on your hands? Need to distribute tasks and assign roles? CleverFlow has got your back. Manage projects with automatic assignees and load-based task distribution for maximum productivity.

Daily Task Management

There’s an easier way to remind yourself of daily activities and what you have on your plate. CleverFlow has overdue reminders and push Notifications to keep you informed at all times.

Client Onboarding

For Software and Investment firms alike, the process of onboarding a client, assessing compatibility and risk management can be made easier through CleverFlow.

Manufacturing Pipeline

No matter what product you make, CleverFlow can accommodate your entire manufacturing pipeline. Product attributes can be defined by metrics and file uploads, and specifications can be calculated using our Formula Fields.

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